Best WordPress Web Hosting 2018-2019

When it comes to web hosting there’s a lot that one needs to consider before deciding on where their site will remain for the next decade or so. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best web hosting of 2018. This list includes some of the top qualities that people seek out when looking for their web hosting.

Best Web Hosting Reviews 2018

In starting off our list of best WordPress web hosting for 2018 we need to take a look at a few factors. The factors that we’re looking at include:

  • Hosting Speed
  • Customer Service
  • Hosting Costs
  • Uptime

The above factors comprise what most people seek out when looking at their next web host. People often times review their hosting provider based on the above. That’s why our 2018 hosting reviews are based almost completely on the above. It should be noted here that when we review something, we don’t take it lightly.

How Are We Qualified?

Some people ask us how we’re qualified to review the top web hosting services in 2018. Well the truth is that we’ve been working in the industry for several years. If you haven’t heard of us, then you’re probably living under a rock! Just kidding. But all joking aside, we have hundreds of clients and we need to consider what hosting providers they’re using so that we can ensure their websites make it to the top of search engines. We also consider this when we’re maintaining their websites and building them.

With that being said, our list of top WordPress web hosting providers of 2018 include Host Gator, GoDaddy and SiteGround. These are all great services and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our list. Thanks for checking in!

Getting Started with Web Design

web design templateMany people are interested in designing a website of their own, but they are not quite sure of how to proceed. Like everything else in life, it takes know-how. The following article contains a number of great tips for the beginning web designer.


NoScript is your friend and a test your site has to pass in order for it to be deemed functional. You want to activate NoScript after downloading the extension on Firefox so that you can read your site. Some content, such as ordering systems for products, can’t work without scripts, but if your site is simply blank with scripts turned off, that’s bad news.


Make sure you give your users the option to cancel a given action if they choose to. These actions involve signing up for newsletters or email notifications, filling out forms, or searching the site for different topics or archives. You can deter people from coming back to your site if you don’t allow them the option of cancelling things they are in the middle of completing.


Consider your website’s background carefully. Backgrounds with moving GIF views can be great, but can make text hard to read as well. Select a wallpaper complementary to the rest of your design, so that your users will be able to negotiate the site more easily.

Programs are available to assist you in creating an attractive website. Professional web design programs are simple to use and will have you creating beautiful looking websites really fast. If your website has no appeal, the visitors will not come.


Simplify your home page. People judge a site and whether they want to go further by what the initial webpage looks like. Spend time describing your business and what it offers, but keep the rest to a minimum so that people do not get distracted.


Try pulling images into your post to maximize engagement. This makes your site more user-friendly. People always like to look at interesting pictures that they have never seen before, and many times will spend hours on your site looking at them.


See how your design does on different web browsers. Each individual browser will interpret your site differently, and sometimes, the user experience varies dramatically between each browser. Using available resources, determine which browsers are the most popular among your target demographic. Make sure to beta-test your site on all popular browsers, including those used on mobile devices.


If you want to create a new website, consider using Adobe Dreamweaver. This software is simple and can be quickly learned. You can do a lot of editing and testing on your local computer before uploading them to be live on your site.


Perhaps you have heard about software like Photoshop and how you can create amazing designs with them. Strangely, Photoshop’s companion program, Dreamweaver, is far less known, even though it is a purpose-built tool for web design. The many potential benefits Dreamweaver can offer you make it well worth investigating.


As you read earlier, information is the key to building a successful website. Now that you know these things, you can proceed in a steadfast manner. Use the tips you found here to improve an existing website or build a new one from scratch.